Keep Your Power on During a Storm

Keep Your Power on During a Storm

We offer backup power supply systems in McAllen and Edinburg, TX

Hurricanes, cold snaps and other weather events can knock out power to homes and businesses throughout south Texas. Generators and batteries can keep your power running and give you peace of mind.

Atlas Technologies provides backup power systems for residential and commercial clients in Edinburg, TX and surrounding areas. We install, repair and maintain emergency power supplies so that when a storm hits, you’ll be ready.

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How to choose a backup power supply

Because generators and backup batteries power on with the flip of a transfer switch, these emergency power sources are popular options in homes and businesses. These tips can help you decide which backup power supply is best for you:

  • Calculate the energy you would use during an outage. Make sure you have enough electricity to power the essentials, such as your water heater and refrigerator.
  • Consider the cost of regular maintenance. Generators, for instance, provide more power than backup batteries but cost more to upkeep.
  • Determine the length of an expected power outage. If you need to prepare for longer stints without power, you’ll need a backup power source that has a higher output.
We can help you determine which emergency power source is best for your home or business. Contact Atlas Technologies today to discuss your options.